The GlideValve head design is the simple solution to the antiquated mechanical driven poppet valve system. There are only two moving parts per valve, so for a six cylinder engine there are only 24 moving parts for the entire head. To achieve the ultimate in thermal efficiency, you need to have valve events that are completely independent from the piston events, no mechanical coupling. GlideValve’s complete digital valve control lets you throttle the engine with the valves in the case of a spark ignited engine, and allows for 40 degrees of additional crank angle during the power stroke. GlideValves don’t have to dodge the piston like poppet valves, because they don’t enter the combustion chamber, so you have time to achieve complete combustion expansion. Through design tool testing, the GlideValve design gives you 40% more horsepower and torque out of the same block, a 35% reduction in emissions, and a 15% improvement in fuel economy, because you can control and burn the fuel more completely. The GlideValve design will also run any cycle you might desire, 2 stroke, 4 stroke, 6 stroke, all out of the same block, along with cylinder deactivation, at the touch of a button. We have signed a license agreement with a Fortune Fifty OEM here in the USA, and are working on a diesel engine. GlideValve will continue to license its engine technology to other OEMs and their markets around the world.