The sliding action of the GlideValve is non-invasive to the combustion chamber insuring that a valve collision with the piston will never happen again. Fewer moving parts is key to the design. This is the only design that has fully variable valve timing capability with just two moving parts per valve. Poppet valves cannot avoid invasion into the combustion chamber and require a spring to retract the valve to avoid collision with the piston. The poppet valve can never achieve ultimate volumetric efficiency because of its inherent design limitations. The GlideValve benefit is reduced fuel consumption and emissions, due to on the fly variable valve timing for maximum engine efficiency.

Past attempts to improve the poppet valve design have always had sealing problems. The GlideValve design changes all of that. The Glidevalve design uses small piston rings to seal the combustion pressure around the exterior of the valve; the same way pistons have been sealed for years.

The GlideValve is the only valve innovation that seals combustion pressure completely, while allowing airflow to the combustion chamber through the interior of the valves.

The Conversion: from conventional to GlideValve

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